How to Prevent Dry Skin & Stay Hydrated This Winter

As winter approaches us, we humans tend to neglect hydration. Some believe hydration is not as essential as during the summer since we are not sweating as much, while others opt for warm diuretic-containing beverages such as coffee and tea (guilty). However, these cold-weather months can be extremely dry, wicking the moisture from our skin. The skin on my face and hands has already started to feel the effects of it. This is all the more reason to keep the momentum going and continue our healthy hydration practices from the hot summer months!

There are several ways we can help our bodies maintain hydration besides simply drinking water. I will outline some of my favorite, winter-friendly strategies below:

6 tips to stay hydrated during the winter

  1. Eat Hydrating Foods. One of the most obvious winter-friendly options are soups! Not only are soups hydrating due to their water content, but they can be extremely nutritious! They are a great way to sneak a load of vegetables in at once. I also like to make soup when I have a variety of produce I need to use up. I recently made a pot of Lemon Asparagus Soup and it was SO good! Additional hydrating foods include apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, pineapple and citrus fruits.

  2. Use Waterless Lotion. Water attracts water, so when you apply a lotion containing water, it actually pulls water from your skin. Take a moment now to check out the ingredients list on one of your products — does it have water? If so, it likely also contains additional (and potentially harmful) stabilizers and preservatives because the addition of water makes a product more likely to go rancid. My favorite waterless and toxin-free lotion is the Ritual Body Lotion Bar from MIG Living. .
    Hot tip: Download the phone app Think Dirty — use it to scan your personal care items to determine how “dirty” the ingredients are.

  3. Use A Straw. Most of use know by now that drinking enough water is essential. However, actually doing it is a whole different story. I’ve found that using a large straw like this one will increase the amount and speed you drink water. Adding frozen berries, a squeeze of lemon, or some a natural powder such as True Citrus can make water more palatable.

  4. Invest In A Humidifier. Who else is waking up with a nose so dry you can barley breath? I recently purchased a humidifier and it has been a game changer for adding moisture to the uncomfortably dry winter air. They help keep your skin plump and your skin barrier strong, which will help prevent bacteria and pollution from entering your body. Some, even contain a built-in diffuser for essential oils! This one contains a diffuser, is easy to clean, and contains a technology to prevent mold growth (what took out my last humidifier).

  5. Avoid Dehydrating Beverages. Alcohol, coffee, energy drinks and pop can have dehydrating effects on our body, especially when consumed in high quantities. Alcohol and caffeine are diuretics, which make you urinate more frequently, therefore dehydrating you. Cutting back on these and replacing them with caffeine-free options will help you stay better hydrated.
    HOT TIP: If you’re craving pop or other carbonated beverages, try carbonated flavored water instead (i.e. Spindrift or LaCroix).

  6. Avoid Hot and Long Baths and Showers. As mentioned earlier, water attracts water, so taking long showers can decrease the skins moisture. It can remove healthy oils present, eliminating the protective barrier. In addition, using gentle soaps like this one, will soothe without stripping or drying out your skin.
    HOT TIP: Beeswax is a humectant, meaning it pulls moisture from the air and locks it into our skin. Choose waterless lotion containing beeswax for maximum hydration.

What tip are you going to try first? Share below!

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